My First Ever Post

Hi Everyone! My name is Naomi, and this is my first ever internet foray into the world of the blog! So please be patient with me. I’m 80 years old and this is all so new for me. It’s all thanks to my lovely friend Rex, who has featured me in many of his own posts! So I felt like it was time to get my side of the events that he writes about. I live very close to Rex and he has become a very special friend and man to me. It happened just by chance and it has gone from one thing to another.

Now I have no idea what to write about except what we have been up to for the last week. I love skiing, and he hates it, so what have we been doing? Skiing! In a place in New Zealand that is almost my favourite place to be: Queenstown. We are a couple now in every sense of the word. Rex is a very active and handsome 66 year old man who is very talented as an artist and a lover! He makes me laugh all the time and embarrasses me so often too.

He has suggested I do this posting to say what I need to say instead of interrupting his posts! He has set this up for me and now he is snoring on the bed next to me! LOUDLY!

Well, I’ll see if anyone replies to this firstly, and then I may carry on. Here is a photo of me taken by a professional photographer today… if I can get it up on the page! Maybe I’ll tell you how I ended up getting this lovely portrait taken another time if Rex doesn’t get to tell you first!

I Love this dress and the shoes! So does Rex. Trouble is it makes my arms and legs look old and wrinkled!
Thank you Igor for the photo!

Well, thats it from me today. Thank you for looking at my first post!

Published by themerrywidow1939

I am an 80 year old widow who is loving life and love!

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  1. I’m supposed to be asleep right now but in setting this up for my lovely lady somehow I’ve lost my blog!!! Oh well…it’ll be out there somewhere…its nearly midnight and we have a long drive ahead of us tomorrow so best we get some sleep! Good night!!


  2. Welcome Naomi to the world of blogging. I see Rex has lost his identity for the moment! But at least he’s made you operational. You look lovely! Enjoy your skiing!


  3. Well done Naomi! Gorgeous photo! There are some glitches with your blog – I opened the home page and couldn’t get to this post. Hope you can sort out the teething problems. I will link to my featured story of Rex’s to this story of yours. Hugs, sista cougar 😉

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  4. Thank you so much. I’ve been embarrassed by the lovely comments I’ve had. Rex thinks I’ve gotten a big head! We have had problems with my blog site. You can catchup with us both on Peace and Fulfilment…. love Naomi xxxx


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